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Age UK Kensington & Chelsea – Strategy Report

Urgently needed a Strategy Report 2023-26! When I got the call from the CEO I was able to leap into action and transform pages of words into something more readable, and memorable. An A5 landscape layout was chosen, photos sourced, artwork completed, proofs submitted, a 10 minute video-call to make amendments and it was done in time for the deadline.

Another logo – redraw and tweak

Were my eyes failing? Or was that logo on a potential new client’s business card fuzzy? Phew! It was blurry. And was the only version he had. I was commisioned to redraw it and perhaps tweak it a bit – as he had tried to do that himself…

Not a difficult job and with a bit of client choice on wording colour, the final artwork was made into various file types and the whole job was completed in a couple of days.

African Kingdom import and sell some great food products – and help out with planting trees in sub-Saharan Africa.


Times Past – historical photos from the 50s and 60s

This book is an updated version in a hard-cased cover of a comb-bound version that was fairly amateur in its layout and binding. Working from the original pdf of the book I was able to layout the pctures and captions, reset the articles, and print the book on a 170gsm silk, with a hard-back cover. It’s been turned into a great ‘coffee table’ book! 

The images show a forgotten world of ‘totters’, coopers, Covent Garden porters, and Thames sailing barges working for their living – and includes the story of one such barge owned and worked by the photographer!

A lovely book, full of amazing images – including an unusual one from the Coronation in 1953! It is available at Geedon Gallery if you would like a copy.

ABC – out of print but…

Another client Nicola Smee, artist and children’s book author, had been asked about her ABC book for children by someone who wanted to give it to her grandchildren. Sadly, it was out of print, but Nicola owns the copyright – and was able to find several of the original paintings, so I was able to scan from an old copy of the book, and some of the originals and re-print the book almost exactly as it had been printed back in 1996!

Hard-cased book

The result is a hard-cased book printed in full colour on 170gsm silk paper that can be enjoyed by young children again! It is a fun book, typical of Nicola’s style and is great for little ones to learn their ABC. Available from Nicola to purchase.

Updating a brand…

A colleague in the print world (I do a lot of his graphic design and artwork) wanted to update his image as he was having a new website designed and it was an opportune time. We had originally designed his logo in a bit of a hurry and it was old-fashioned and needed some improvements!

He wanted to lose the image of the Abbey but keep something that reminded people of the name. The result was that I designed an A that looked like a church window, brightened the colours, and kept the rest of the logo very simple. It should last for a good many years.

It is sometimes a good idea to take a look at your branding and maybe tweak it just a bit – or even change it completely. Big companies do it – take a look at the Shell logo over the years – and probably more often than you think.  If you want to chat about how your brand could be refreshed give me a call on 01206 542060 or 07721 772692.

Books galore!

I was really happy when a client asked me to help with a hard-backed book during 2020 – and again in 2021. James is a very fine artist who lives and works on Mersea Island, runs the Art Café with his wife and daughter, and in 2021 opened the Oyster Gallery almost next door. He had spent lock-down(s) making water-colour sketches of the island and compiled them into his first book “100 Days” – which had an initial print-run of 500 and very swiftly a re-print! Each picture is accompanied by notes that James made each day – observations of weather, news items and his personal news. The second book “100 Days More” (the third lock-down) followed in 2021. They make a wonderful legacy, and a great way to remember that period. Both books can be bought from either the Art Café or the Oyster Gallery on Mersea Island – and you can have a great coffee and a piece of wonderful home-made cake in the café!