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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the words for corporate/company web pages, for brochures, for html emails, for sales letters, for adverts, anything that needs writing for your business.

“I can write – why should I use a copywriter?”

Two main reasons. You can probably write something yourself, but do you have the time? A copywriter can usually do it a lot more effectively because they have the experience and skill to convey your message in the best way to the people you want to reach.

“I know all about my business”

You do know a great deal about your business – more than I do, so why should you use me to write your copy? Well, sometimes in your enthusiasm to tell all about your business you forget to mention what is important to your clients – what you can do for them. From our discussions and the pages of information you give me I will extract the important bits that will make clients buy from you, and use you again and again.

“The copy I’ve got is fine”

It may well be. But when was it written? It may be out of date or not actually telling the clients what they want to know. Words have the power to inform, educate and inspire. Words bring meaning and clarity to your marketing – whether in print on your brochures, leaflets and adverts or on your website. You need to make sure that your message appeals to your clients and makes them want to buy from you.

Make your words work for you

To make it easier be found by the search engine ‘spiders’, search engines require your website to be relevant and useful to the enquiries that your clients make. I write so that the text reads naturally and communicates with your customers, making the words work for you and helping you to promote your business successfully.


With a knowledge of grammar, spelling and even apostrophes I make sure that if I have written your copy your brochures, adverts and website won’t have any silly errors in them. I usually glance over work I haven’t written and will spot mistakes. I will proof-read your copy if you request it. Always better to have mistakes spotted before going to print!

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