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Why use me?

Well, what do you do? Are you a fantastic mortgage adviser, or stretchy Pilates instructor? Perhaps you are a wizard at fixing cars, or genius at making cabinets? I don’t do any of the those things.

I know a lot about print and design – or design and print. It’s what I do. It’s what I’m good at! I’ve been in the design and print business for over 30 years.

If you need a design for your new logo, or brochure, or to sort out a complicated form and draw it up, I can do that. I can advise on the right colours, fonts and images to suit your business, and your business message. I can take photographs, or source photos for you. I can write words and copy, or find someone to write about your subject intelligently and succinctly.

Which paper is best to use for your letterheads, or your brochure, or your mailer? Should you use 115gsm or 300gsm? I can help you to choose and elevate your marketing message to present the right image to your clients, and potential clients. You can take advantage of my years of experience. It makes me efficient, creative and speedy.

And I can spell!

Why use print?

More companies are doing more marketing online. Email boxes are full of unsolicited messages that never get read. Less print being used means that your printed message is more like to be read, and to reach the desk of the right person. Get ahead of your competition. Print is becoming the new trend.

‘Thud’ value.
Having a tangible piece of marketing land on your desk is far more exciting than receiving an email. Print has lasting value. An email will be deleted and probably not read. A piece of print will lie on a desk for days, or weeks, or even months. Your client/prospect can put down the printed piece and come back at anytime to read it.

Printed material will establish your brand. An unopened email can’t. Print allows you to bring together fonts, images, colours and texture to help establish your brand and to reinforce it.

Print is more engaging. Websites are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds a visit. Handling and reading a brochure, flyer or newsletter people will engage for much longer.

The best way to reach your target market is, obviously, to utilize as many channels as possible; websites, facebook, twitter, blogs but  – be sure you include print!