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Good design is about effective communication

Designsweet is about communication – whether in print or on-line our aim is to make your business stand out with great graphic design, crisp copywriting and cost-effective print.

Why should you use a graphic designer?

A good graphic designer will do more than just make your leaflet look ‘pretty’. Graphic design builds brand awareness, enhances your company’s professional appearance, and gives value-for-money in marketing your business.

Some of our recent achievements:

  • Designed a logo for a new Facial Aesthetics company that complements, but is distinct from, the dental practice logo where she works.
  • Redesigned the website for a steel company – with new images, photos and words.
  • Designed the layout, wrote the copy and took the photographs for a marketing brochure for a block of owner-occupied flats

Our knowledge saves you time and effort

I work with businesses like yours to create a good first impression, and to ensure that you keep your image consistent. The online world is based on speed and convenience and, as in real life, people make quick judgements based on how your business presents itself visually. Designsweet has years of experience in creating professional graphics that present your brand’s personality, and coupled with our print and print buying knowledge can ensure that it is reliable and always professional.

Harness our knowledge and long experience to look after your design, manage your print, and marketing, and free up your valuable time. We have excellent working relationships with many varied printers, illustrators and other professionals and will know the right person to use. Your business is in a safe pair of hands.

Designsweet – a suite of services for your business. An awful pun – but great at the job!

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Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity

I am the founder and organiser of the Secret Art Sale  in Colchester which, over the last 3 years, has raised over £27,000 for the Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity Cancer Centre Campaign. Take a look at the site - Secret Art Sale. Currently any sales for going toward the NHS Staff Welfare (Covid-19) Fund.